When the Runner Goes Out

She must run back.

Today was a good day. At least, I’m trying to convince myself of that. The weather was decent (cloudy, high 50s, no wind), I got my run done before sundown, I got to run, and other life things are going well.

That said, I wish I’d run a different route. I opted for an out and back run, heading out north on our rail trail system. This was all fine and well, except that once I reached my turn around point (located conveniently at a bathroom on a local college campus), I had ZERO desire to keep running. Too damn bad, Hilary, because you have to get home. It ended up being a decent 13 mile day, but I was so over it well before it was actually over.

I didn’t feel BAD and I suspect that my poor attitude was mostly due to needing food. Not only have I kept up my daily running, but I’ve run a fair bit of mileage this week and I am certainly operating at a calorie deficit. It’s always a hard adjustment to higher miles and getting in the nutrition I need. Sure, I could just eat a bunch of junk and make up the difference, but I do at least try to consume mostly healthful food.

I had some other blog post ideas that I was going to write on today, but I’m still a little hangry and beat up feeling from today’s miles, so I’m just gonna go eat some more and try to write something less grumpy and whiny tomorrow. Until then, folks.