Training Purgatory Ends; the Fun is Just Getting Started.

Blah, blah, insert lame excuses about not writing, blah.

Here’s most of an email I just sent my coach:

Before we get started with the organized chaos of this marathon training cycle, I thought I’d give you more of the specifics of what I’ve done over the last couple of months. I know you have the few track workout details and the general idea, but I like making lists.

4/30-5/6  : 70mi, 15 long
5/7-5/13  : 81mi, 16 long
5/14-5/20: 80mi, 16 long
5/21-5/27: 69mi, 18 long ~8:30 pace
5/28-6/3  : 90mi (in singles), 18 long
6/4-6/10  : 90mi (again in singles), 18 long slow and tired
6/11-6/17: 70mi (added doubles x3), no real long run
6/18-6/24: 67mi, 15 long, travel to CA
6/25-7/1  : 74mi, 20 long ~8:20 pace
7/2-7/8    : 70mi, 16 long (almost died; I love summer), crap 5k
7/9-7/15  : 85mi, 16 long (not dead!)
I’ve run 1644mi total this year so far (~8.5/day), and I’m feeling good about my mileage and it’s pretty easy to be in the 80s for me with a few double days right now. Of course I always wish I’d run more/better but when I make myself step back and look at the progress since 2015 training especially, I can almost convince myself that I’m getting somewhere.
Aside from that one long run where I nearly keeled over from my own stupidity (dehydrated/slightly hungover/started too late in the morning), I’m really pleased with how I’ve felt past the 2 1/2 hr mark. I’d like to suggest we do a couple 22-24 milers this cycle?
I know there’s a lot of supplemental stuff I need to be doing, and I hate to make you build a day-to-day schedule, but I probably need it to start with until I make the “stuff” into a habit. We have another month until my school schedule changes things, but until then I get to pretend I’m an elite, so we might as well take advantage of all this time now while we’ve got it.
Tomorrow is the start of my 16 week training cycle. I’m terrified and excited