Training Purgatory Weeks 4&5

Well well well, just when you thought I’d already quit blogging, I make a comeback! Ok, you probably didn’t even notice I missed a week, but I won’t hold it against you.

Since I procrastinated so long on writing up the week of May 21-27, I figured I would just embrace the laziness and lump the last two weeks together. This is actually a decent moment to remember that training doesn’t happen in a vacuum. While we often tend to think only in terms of weekly mileage, it’s the larger picture that gets us to our running goals. The months on months and years on years of training are more important than any one long run or big week. In fact, someone asked me what I’d done to have recently gotten so much better from my previously lackluster results, and my response was that I finally started taking training seriously…in 2014. Yup, my breakthrough in the half marathon earlier this year was built on the consistent mileage and workouts I began running three years ago (and certainly even the sporadic training before then helped a little). That said, there’s still lots of running to do, and here’s what the last couple of base building weeks looked like:

Sun 5/21: 0 miles! I hadn’t had a day off in about a month, the weather was awful, and I planned this as a down week anyway.

Mon 5/22: 13 miles…hmm, I feel refreshed from the off day, so perhaps this week won’t be as down as I expected?

Tue 5/23: 10 miles with a relaxed fartlek on the back half.

Wed 5/24: 10 miles again, but easy peasy this time.

Thu 5/25: 18 miles. Errr, in my defense, the weather was absolutely beautiful with cool temps and lots of clouds. I couldn’t resist! I was extra naughty and even wore my GPS watch and looked at my pace. I kept it slower at 8:30ish on the first half. I may have gotten a little excited on the second half, but I felt good and didn’t go under 7:00s at least?

Fri 5/26: 10 SLOW. I actually felt fine from yesterday, but I knew I needed to slow my roll.

Sat 5/27: 8 only! It was hot, this was technically a down week, and I felt lazy.

Total: 69 miles. This balances out that odd 81 mile week two.


Sun 5/28: 13 miles. Time to crank it back up!

Mon 5/29: 12 miles. Oh yeah, I also lifted and did some drills. I have actually been doing a couple of days of weights these last two weeks, even though I forgot to mention​ it.

Tue 5/30: 13 miles total. Did 3 on my own, then met up with Hannah and we did another 10 with a little trip to the Greenville High track! We decided to do 12×200 with 200 jog. No timing the intervals allowed, but it was nice to open up the legs and move fast-ish.

Wed 5/31: 12 slow miles. I’m embarrassingly sore from squats on Monday combined with sprints on Tuesday. So maybe I haven’t been as consistent with the weights as I thought… My monthly ​total for May was 342 miles. Not bad!

Thu 6/1: 18 miles. It got a little toasty in the last couple of miles when I lost cloud and tree cover, but it wasn’t too bad. I resisted the urge to use my watch for this week’s long run, and I’m glad I did.

Fri 6/2: 10 miles. Felt decent, but of course I waited until it was stupid hot out to get going, but I survived.

Sat 6/3: 12 miles with a few pickups scattered in. Got out slightly earlier, mostly in an effort to avoid all the “weekend people” who descend upon my city. It’s not that bad, usually, but I’m so used to having Greenville mostly to myself during the week that it just grates on me. Plus there’s a whole rant about trail etiquette in me, but I’m preaching to the choir here, so I’ll refrain.

Total: 90!! In singles! I’m really not feeling too beat down, which is good because I’m planning on another big one next week. I do think I’ve hit my threshold for mileage in singles though. I aim to experiment with a few doubles next week and maybe get into triple digits, but I’m also conscious of the dangers in spiking mileage just for the sake of it. I feel like I got in a decent amount of quality for a base phase week and I’d much prefer to have 5-7 more weeks like this one rather than one huge mileage week that I have to come way down from to recover from. So we’ll see. Mostly I’m just pleased with how good I feel, which means I’m doing the right things as far as food/water/sleep goes and I’m excited to tackle another week!


5 thoughts on “Training Purgatory Weeks 4&5

  1. I actually didn’t notice you didn’t blog last week but was thinking about you and your uber high mileage and just how you do it with the heat. I was confused that your whole first week had the month of February as the date? Like, starting with 2. But I remember that randomly cool Thursday because it was randomly cool here too and I had a nice run. Glad to hear you’re feeling good but it HAS to be hard to keep the pace reeled in right now and not do workouts!

    I’m 100% with you on taking training seriously. I’m not a very successful runner. Maybe one day I will be. Time wise my PRs are slow. Volume wise, I rarely hit 50 mpw. But… I do run and train consistently and think that’s key to being a good runner. I know someone who ran a 50 mile week once. He only did it once, told us about it on social media, then the next week he ran like 10. As in, he just wanted to hit that magical number once and then it took him several days to recover. What good is a 50 mile week, then? I’m only running to be social and my races are half or shorter… but I think if you’re going to be committed to this sport, you need to give it at least an hour a day and be consistent. Sporadic running, stupid decisions (like a random 50 mpw or running a race you aren’t properly trained for) don’t respect your body or the sport.

    • Haahaha, thank you for catching my mistake! I guess I just subconsciously wished for it to be February weather, or maybe the mileage is affecting my ability to proofread posts.
      Most days it’s easy to keep it slow since I’m pretty tired (I slept almost 11 hours last night!) but those odd days where things feel good are sooooo tempting to really push and see what I can do. The reminder that the next day is another 12-16 miles helps calm me down though!
      You are SO consistent! I know you are still on a bit of a comeback, but by the time cool weather comes back, the consistency will pay off. And I suspect that you are like me and would still be running just as much and as consistently even if we never told the internet about it 😉

      • “The reminder that the next day is another 12-16 miles helps calm me down though!”

        I was running with some friends yesterday on my 8 miler and had similar thoughts. The first mile was a little speedy and I told my faster friend I wanted to slow the pace a little because I have runs every day and I knew that two of the guys running with us maybe run 3-4 days a week. I’m running the bridge this afternoon and you just can’t run hard every day if you run every day.

  2. Wow! You are training like a pro woman. Now that I’m fat and pregnant I am happy to maintain a slow 40-45 mpw. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Success isn’t from a great weekly run down. It’s years in labor of love. I can’t wait to watch you skyrocket in the next few races you run!!

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