5Ks, 10Ks (and a little bit of FOMO)

When was my last post? Really, let me check…whoa, in January?! Well m’dears, let us catch up:

After a fairly lackluster start to the year, I continued my winter training in February to much mediocrity and way too many days off. My training group began track workouts again which helped keep things somewhat, well, on track, but my mileage was crap and so was the weather. I was also experiencing a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) by reading about everyone’s spring marathon training. I know that I need to have this season of shorter races, but I couldn’t help but miss the marathon build up.

March brought with it much better weather and my attitude improved immediately. I know, it’s such a runner cliche to complain about weather, but I try to limit my complaints to the 2 months that Greenville actually experiences winter. Anyway, despite my pathetic mileage in February, my fitness from the fall obviously hadn’t dropped too much because I ran a new 5k PR on March 4th! I FINALLY dipped under 20 minutes with a 19:53 at the Myrtle Beach 5k. This race had everything to be ‘Hilary-approved’: dead flat course, no wind, nighttime race start, plus a dash terror of potentially having to explain to my coach that I screwed up. He was already unimpressed by my last few weeks of training, so I had to get my shit together. When I called him after the race, he answered the phone with, “If you didn’t break 20, you better just hang up right now.” Ha! Tough love at its finest.

Every runner knows that a PR is an instant motivation boost, so I carried that momentum throughout the rest of March and crushed some track and tempo workouts while finally getting my mileage back up to something respectable.

My husband and I took a little trip out to Portland, OR for the IAAF World Indoor Championships and it was more awesome that I even imagined!

April proved to be much of the same: consistent miles, hard workouts, and trying to trick my marathon mind into being a 5k-10k runner. And speaking of the 10k, I dropped another PR at the Reedy River 10k on April 23rd! The new course is much improved (but by no means easy; it’s impossible to avoid hills in downtown Greenville, after all), and it was a perfect weather day. Even with my increased training load and the decidedly not flat course, I was pretty sure I would at least run a PR (41:28 from last August). I talked with my coach beforehand and as I began to list my ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ goals for the race, he interrupted me in classic fashion, “Screw all that; you need to just break 41. The hills don’t matter.” And so, I did; running a 40:57. Hey, he didn’t say how MUCH I had to break 41 by!

Mid-way through the 10k. Thanks to my teammate Jessica for the picture and the words of encouragement!

So, although I’ve been quite an absentee blogger, things have come along fairly well this first 1/3 of the year. I still have big goals in mind for the remainder of the year (and I’m sure my coach has even bigger goals for me), but I am feeling pretty confident in how training has gone and the progress I’ve made as a racer.


I’d like to say I’m going to make progress as a blog updater, too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Until next time, whenever that is!


6 thoughts on “5Ks, 10Ks (and a little bit of FOMO)

  1. Welcome back! I am so excited to read about your PRs – so awesome and HUGE congrats! Excited to keep following your training as you check off your goals. I think I might be in love with your coach – that is my kind of attitude. I had a coach and he was all over the place with workouts, and if I didn’t meet my goals he would just try to console me. Screw that – tell me to get my shit together and get it done. I didn’t pay him to say nice things to me – I paid him to help me get faster! Anyway, glad to hear about your recent successes! You are awesome!!

    • Your post motivated me to finally update! I’ve known my coach forever; since before I was really even a runner, so he knows that tough love is basically the only way to get me to anything. I’m now totally trying to catch up to your new and improved times, so it’s going to be a fun summer 🙂

  2. Woohoo welcome back from a fellow SC runner! Congratulations on your PRs and improving speed at shorter distances. Greenville sounds like a great place to run; I haven’t been up there even to visit in years (in fact I haven’t been up there since I started running in 2010). Lots of serious runners up there and the races seem like fun, but very competitive!

    I am with you on the coaching. If I bit the bullet to pay for one, I want one who will be honest with me and not sugarcoat. A good coach knows how to coach each individual runner, not just the sport, and how different types of feedback fuel each person. I guess some people go for consolation, just depends on the person, but that’s not me either.

    • Thanks!! You should definitely come up and visit sometime and hop in a race! It can be competitive but everyone is supportive so it’s motivating. I looove coming down your way to race on the coast though; it’s always so fast if the wind isn’t going crazy! You are so right about a good coach; especially seeing all the so-called coaches online that I totally give a hard side eye towards, haha!

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