Spinx Marathon Training: 9/21-9/27

I’m supposed to be grading papers, so of course updating my training is a much better idea instead. This week the mileage ramped back up and everything went almost to plan. My long run was not the magical occasion I planned for, but I still had a reasonable run and there is plenty of time in the schedule for me to try it again this coming weekend. I’m not going to bump the mileage anymore moving forward; I think mid/low-70s is plenty to sustain and at this point we need to squeeze out the last bit of intensity that I can handle to “polish the apple” as my coach said yesterday. I’m getting antsy to take that first bite…

Mon 9/21: 10 miles

I was still a little mopey from last week’s grumpy running, but I started to feel more like myself as this run wore on.

Tue 9/22: 10 miles

Okay, I’m back! My little flame of optimism burns brightly once more!

Wed 9/23: 8 miles (10×800 w/ 2:00 recovery)

Um. I KILLED it. But, I also didn’t feel that great? My legs are just perma-tired but my fitness is such that I can kind of grind it out if I need to. And I needed this…2:59.7 average for the 800s! I can’t believe that this time last year I was struggling to crack 3:00 for ONE 800 and I just did ten of them at sub-3 average. So satisfying to see such improvement.

Thu 9/24: 8 miles

Not overly beat down from the track yesterday, but I kept it shorter and easier today just to be sure.

Fri 9/25: 12 miles (with 20×30 sec pickups)

The real test for this run was the weather. There’s been some crazy wind and rain mess so I just tried to take advantage of the occasional tail wind for my fartlek sprints and pretend like I wasn’t getting torrentially downpoured on.

Sat 9/26: 10 miles

I actually felt decent this morning and almost wished I’d prepared to make today my long run. But, I was without Gu and wearing old shoes so I reigned myself in and just cruised.

Sun 9/27: 18 miles (7:48/mi average)

I planned so well for this run. It was supposed to be my big 22 miler with the last half at sub 7 pace. I was hydrated with water–not beer!, I slept well, I had my Garmin charged up and everything was set to go…except me, apparently. I hit the first mile in 8:20 but that’s not unusual as I always need a bit to warm up. But the next few miles were a struggle to hit 7:45s and that’s weird. Oh, and also I was about to explode, so I had to beeline for the bathrooms at Furman around mile 7. I hoped with that out of my system I’d be able pick it up, but nope! I was dealing with a headwind on the way north, so then I hoped once I turned around at mile 10 I could start hammering…but again, nope! I didn’t want to “waste” my 22 miler on a bad run, so when my GPS beeped 18 miles I shut it off and walked the ~mile home. I don’t know why or how this day went off-plan so much; I thought I did everything right and was in a good place mentally. The one thing I may have messed up was my eating (yes, again; this furnace is burning way hotter than I realized). I weighed myself post-run and after I’d already eaten and drank some more and I was still several pounds down from where I have been lately. I dunno if that’s it but I do know I went and had a basket of sweet potato fries, beef enchiladas, and a couple of beers from Chicora Alley for dinner just to be safe.

Total: 76 miles (and I finally cracked 2000+ miles for the year this week!)


5 thoughts on “Spinx Marathon Training: 9/21-9/27

  1. Amazing job this week and YES on the 2000+ miles! I think I’m somewhere near 1700 for the year. You killed your 800s!! I don’t know, but my buddy Bart would say you are on pace for a 2:59 marathon with those 800s! I’m glad you shut the 22 miler down. You still smoked that 18 and you weren’t feeling great – better to save that run for a day that you are feeling it, because having a good long run at that distance would be a great confidence booster for the marathon. You’ve got the pace and endurance already 🙂 I am so excited to see how you do at this race!!

    • Girl, Bart has some good ideas, but I think he might be a little optimistic here 😉 I’ll stick with the 3:04-3:06 goal this time around I think! Bailing on the 22 made me very nervous because I just couldn’t get going and at this point in training I feel like I should hit ~7min pace in my sleep. I’m hoping it was just an under fueled fatigue thing and not an over estimation of goals thing! And OMG you have 10 days to go! Does Hartford do tracking; I want to stalk you!

      • OMG your runs have been SPOT on the whole time. Your training is so freaking awesome and you are going to be so well prepared. I was thinking about you during my track workout yesterday and how you did TEN 800S!!!! Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure my friend Bill ran the marathon you’re training for last year and set a HUGE PR there. He lives in SC. and LOVED that race, if I am thinking of the same one. Does it finish on a track? I haven’t done any posts about goals, but I am aiming for the same neighborhood as you. However, one thing you do and I do not do: marathon paced long runs – like you mentioned how you wanted to do the 22 this past weekend. I have kept my long run pace aggressive on most of my runs (I had one slower 20 miler, but the rest were good) and I added in some tune up races to the mix to get some speedy long miles in. But this is one area in my training where I am so torn: I LOVE doing my long runs with my friends, and the overall pace is what I should be running. But my long runs are always just us going out and running long. I really enjoy those times and don’t want to give them up, so I think when I start looking at my spring training, I want to add marathon paced miles to my mid-week medium long runs. I really like how you do that. I am generally happy with the pace of my long runs but I think I need some more focus for some of them! Back to what you are saying, some days I feel like I can cruise around a 7 minute pace in my sleep and other days, it’s a struggle. I just hope I’m cruising and not struggling in Hartford!! Ahhhhhh I could go on and on. Also, I do believe Hartford has tracking!!! http://www.hartfordmarathon.com/Events/Eversource_Hartford_Marathon/Athlete_Information/Athlete_Tracking.htm

      • I’ve honestly never followed a real marathon training plan before– I’ve always just haphazardly run a lot with no structure so even though I’ve totally bought into my coach’s system I can’t help but be a worrier about it all! That said, the whole consistent track work has been the real deal as far as getting my fitness up. The marathon I’m running ends in a baseball stadium actually– Greenville has one of the Red Sox farm teams so it’s a whole thing. Even though it’s not dead flat, I do think it’s a PR course…they changed it this year so the hills are in the first 10k and it’s otherwise only gently rolling at worst. You should totally get on that fast finish long run action next time, though! When it goes well it’s a helluva confidence boost. Maybe you can just run with friends for the first half and then get rolling? I dunno, I get the reluctance to get too serious in every aspect since we ultimately run because of the fun parts!

      • Exactly why I am reluctant to run long solo on the weekends – I don’t want to take it too seriously!!! But, I think adding it to my mid week medium long runs would be a big help. I’m excited!!!

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