Spinx Marathon Training 9/14-9/20

Despite being a cutback week, or perhaps because it was a cutback week, I was a mess. I don’t know if I was just beat physically which caused my bad attitude, or if my bad attitude caused my running to suck, but this was a rough week all around. I make no secret that I struggle with anxiety, and this week I was just a ball of nerves for no discernable reason. I had an appointment with my lovely therapist and we’ve discussed some changes to try between now and the marathon to help cut back on my totally unnecessary freak outs (is a post about my therapy experiences and its relation to running of interest?). I guess this was a good reminder that mental health is as important to running (and real life, duh) as physical health…and I’m glad it happened during a relatively low-key week.

Mon 9/14: Off

No running, no classes to teach, just time to recover. This was all well and good until about noon and I was then a twitchy mess of anxiety. Super.

Tue 9/15: 10 miles easy

Felt fine. The first couple of miles after a total rest day always feel weird, but I loosened up okay and my permanently niggling Achilles felt pretty good.

Wed 9/16: 10 miles with 7xmile

I sucked it up at the track tonight but I finished the damn thing at least. The plan was to be at or just under 6:10 and I was…for the first couple. Then it got ugly. Like, running slower than the end of my long run last week kind of ugly. My legs were so tight and flat and I couldn’t seem to do anything to make it better. I know I’m tired, but it’s still a kick to the ego when you average barely faster than 10k pace in a workout that was meant to be much more intense. Just add it to the shit-pile that is this week.

Thu 9/17: Direct from my log- “Only 5 miles. Legs are trash; attitude is trash.”

Fri 9/18: 8 miles

Nearly took today off, too. But, the part of my brain that is still functional reminded me that just because I’m in a funk right now doesn’t mean I get to sabotage my entire marathon training. So, out the door for a sunset run. I felt better.

Sat 9/19: 10 miles with fartlek pickups throughout.

Working through it.

Sun 9/20: 17 miles

Easily the best run of this week. No set pace…just a cruise effort and getting in the time on my feet. It was nice to kind of come back to center with my favorite type of run where I just go for 2+ hours and exist.

Total: 60 miles …recovery weeks are exhausting.


One thought on “Spinx Marathon Training 9/14-9/20

  1. My attitude is usually piss poor during a recovery week also. I like something that you said here a lot: you said just because you’re having a bad week doesn’t mean you could sabotage your entire marathon training. I need to remember that. I don’t skip days either, but remembering that line might make getting out the door on off days a little bit easier! Thank you! Great job this week even though I know it wasn’t feeling awesome for you. You rock and you are a huge inspiration!

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