Spinx Marathon Training 9/7-9/13

This was my third mileage building week in a row and at times, the promise of a complete rest day on Monday was my major motivation. All in all, we can call this a successful week and I’m most excited about the long run that featured much cooler fall-like temperatures; it was like free fitness!

Mon   9/7- 10 easy miles. Felt reasonably recovered from the longer run the day before.

Tue   9/8- 10 really easy miles. I retract my statement about feeling recovered.

Wed  9/9- Track! 8x1k with ~3:15 recovery. We’d done this workout several weeks ago (same recovery), but I had only done 6 reps and I hit 3:46 average that day. Today I only improved slightly to a 3:44 average…but with two more reps thrown in. I think that’s called progress? 9 miles total.

My intervals are the top row. The rest of my training group had amazing workouts, too!
My intervals are the top row (with 800m splits). The rest of my training group had amazing workouts, too!

Thu 9/10- 10 more of those easy miles I like so much.

Fri   9/11- Fartlek day…shocker, it was a 10 mile day, but with a whole bunch of 30 second pick ups thrown in just so I don’t get too complacent.

Sat  9/12- A real easy day– only 7 miles! It felt weird to be done with my running for the day in less than an hour.

Sun 9/13- First 20 miler of the training cycle. The plan called for the first ten-twelve at a moderate pace and the last eight-ten at or below marathon pace. It went {almost} perfectly. First ten in 7:36 average, last ten in 6:57 average! Told y’all the weather was nice 😉 I do say it was only {almost} perfect because I let myself lose focus during mile 19 and ran that one too slow. Luckily the other miles were more than fast enough to make up for it:

I hate those little .nothings that tag on to the end of most runs. It was a 7:17 overall pace, btw.
I hate those little .nothings that tag on to the end of most runs. It was a 7:17 overall pace, btw.

Total: 76 miles. The highest mileage of the training cycle yet, and the third week of buildup. Man, that rest day tomorrow is gonna be awesome.


3 thoughts on “Spinx Marathon Training 9/7-9/13

  1. Dammmmnnnn, lady – straight up KILLING IT!!! WOW! Your 20 miler…that is the stuff of DREAMS. You are going to crush your marathon. How many more weeks? I can’t wait to hear all about it. I did a similar track workout this week – so fun!

    • Thank you– I have until Oct. 31st, so a solid 6 weeks to go. I’m stoked to read your half marathon recap; and totally hoping that because our training times have been so similar that I can follow in your footsteps of what will be an amazing marathon!!

      • Sister, if I can hold a good chunk of a 20 miler at a sub 7 pace like you did…that is incredible. You are going to blow your race out of the water! Ahhh today’s half was so fun!! I did it on tired legs – it was the end of a 71 mile week – so I was really stoked with the outcome!! I want to try to run a half with a taper sometime. Too bad we don’t live closer to each other – we would have some BADASS training runs!!!

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