Spinx Marathon Training 8/24-8/30

This week started with a bang and ended with a bit of a whimper. Nothing terrible, but I wasn’t quite able to pull off my long run as prescribed. Either way, we are now rounding into just 2 months to go until the marathon, so if you aren’t training yet, you better get a move on!

Mon 8/24: My exact log entry for this goes, “6:44, 6:42, 6:42, 6:44, 6:46, 6:51 for 6:44.83 average. 6mi tempo run. HOLY SHIT. 10 miles total.” As you can tell, I was a bit excited with the way this tempo run went. The best part was during mile 5 when one of the Swamp Rabbit police officers rode up behind me and said, “I’m glad you’re not a bad guy because I’d never catch you.” I couldn’t muster more than a smile that probably looked more like a grimace, but I came up with several witty comebacks once the tempo was over. Several.

Tue 8/25: 10 very easy miles in Spartanburg between classes.

Wed 8/26: Back to the track for 6×1600 with ~3:45 recovery. 6:16, 6:11, 6:11, 6:10, 6:10, 6:07 for an average of 6:10.8. I think I need to forget everything I ever knew about myself as a runner, because I don’t even comprehend these numbers as they relate to the runner I thought I was. In a good way.

Thu 8/27: The thing about running your easy runs VERY easy is that they double as ego checks. I got passed by all manner of people on this 8 mile run, and I couldn’t do anything but laugh because I sure as hell couldn’t go any faster.

Fri 8/28: 10 miles. My legs are a bit beat down, but I’m booked in with my ART/chiro/magician on Monday so I kept it easy.

Sat 8/29: The weather is starting to cool down which was nice for this little 8 miler.

Sun 8/30: I was meant to run this as a progression, but I knew from the outset that I would be on the struggle bus for this run. And it was entirely my own fault; I was clearly operating on a calorie deficit that was immediately noticeable. So, I tried. I was able to progress somewhat through about 9 miles (I took my one GU at 6.5), but then the light-headed unpleasantness started. I did my best to just get myself home, but any thought of actually doing the last 5 miles at faster than marathon goal pace was done. I managed 16 miles at 7:48 pace overall, but once I scarfed down some food, I was frustrated with myself for not hitting the prescribed workout due to my own negligence.

Total : 72 miles

Clearly I have to be even more diligent about fueling my body for this running-a-kind-of-fast-marathon stuff. I guess I’ve just never had this sort of sustained level of training going on, so my haphazard approach to eating (and most other things I do, really) is going to have to be more mindful. Overall, I am happy with this week. I crushed it on Monday and Wednesday, and if I’m considering that kind of long run a failure with more than 8 weeks to go I think we’re in a good place.


One thought on “Spinx Marathon Training 8/24-8/30

  1. Wow! What an impressive week! We could have run our tempo run together, haha! But I definitely could not have managed mile repeats (and definitely not SIX of them OMG) a few days later. I was beat up! Killing it!!!!

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