Spinx Marathon Training 8/17-8/23

Ahhh, the blessed cutback week!  It was also the first week of the semester, so even though I ran a little less I was still quite tired. To be fair, my semester schedule is awesome (I teach four English classes, on Tuesday/Thursdays only), but it’s still rough getting used to the new routine. I definitely perked up by the end of the week, but I am heading into the next two week build up feeling refreshed and ready to roll.

Mon 8/17: 7 miles easy on Fripp Island before heading back to the Upstate.

Tue 8/18: 10 terrible miles. I knew the last big weeks plus having a bit too much fun at the beach would catch up to me, and today it did! It was my first day of classes as well, so I was just kind of a wreck. Also, I wore the New Balance Vazee Pace and as much as I want to love this shoe because it feels fast, I have just had nothing but trouble with them. I think they are meant for more forefoot strikers because even with a little heel lift I added, I get Achilles pain every time I wear them. It’s not you, NB, it’s me.

Wed 8/19: Track! Still tired from the first week of school and definitely feeling the sluggishness that a cutback week can bring, but I managed to get through with a little help from my friends. Seriously, our Wednesday night track group is growing and it is awesome! I did 7×800 with ~2min recovery- 2:58, 2:58, 3:02, 3:02, 3:05, 3:06, 3:04. The average was 3:02high, and I give this workout a solid “meh”. I know that I should have been under 3 for the whole thing, but I just could not get there today. On the other hand, this time last year I couldn’t break 3 for an open 800, so there’s some progress for sure. I’m so used to always just putting in slow miles and being kind of an okay runner, so this thing where I’m actually getting a lot faster (for me) is new territory and my mental confidence hasn’t quite caught up with my legs.

Thu 8/20: A DAY OFF! The last full rest day I took was on 7/20, so it was well past due! I taught, and I am already so happy with my classes this semester, and I took one of those coma-like naps where you wake up unsure of where you are and what day it is. It was glorious!

Fri 8/21: 10 miles easy. Felt just okay, but that was expected as I’m usually sluggish after a day off. Felt better as the day went on though, like the easy week is finally starting to refresh my legs.

Sat 8/22: 9 miles with a 5k race in 20:04. Almost tying my PR from earlier this summer on a MUCH tougher course with much higher temps and humidity, not to mention the whole shifting to marathon training thing! I’m still frustrated bemused by the lack of going sub 20, but I will take the consistency I’ve maintained even at the shorter stuff given my overall goal.

Sun 8/23: 14 miles at Lake Summit. It’s always nice and cool up there, but it still got muggy by then end of my run. The schedule said to “just cruise” on my long run this week, and I did exactly that, keeping it very relaxed and easy!

Total: 58 miles. No complaints here. The typical cutback week is 15-20% down with less hard efforts. I was right about 16% down, with just a little bit of intensity to keep the legs springy so I feel like it was a pretty successful week!

*Things To Work On*

-I need to trust in all this hard work I’m doing and stop doubting myself.

-I need to stay on top of my food intake. I tend towards the small side anyway, and this much running means I can’t just eat when I’m hungry; I need to eat because I NEED to.

-Core/weights/drills. I get slack on these when the miles go up, but I know that the overall strength is helpful when I make the time to do it.



One thought on “Spinx Marathon Training 8/17-8/23

  1. Great job this week! I feel like legs usually feel tired and heavy during recovery weeks like you described in your earlier runs. And you still killed it! Those 800s were solid and the 9 miler with the 5k thrown in? Amazing!!! This week is a recovery week for me and I’m going to hover around 50 miles. We need to let our legs absorb all of our hard work!

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