Spinx Marathon Training 8/3-8/9

Why yes, I AM writing my training from last week despite being halfway through this week already! Last week marked 12 weeks to go until the Spinx Marathon here in Greenville, SC and I belatedly decided to chronicle my training for it. Sure, in part this is so I can shamelessly plug my blog on the Greenville Track Club’s Facebook page (hey, y’all!), but I also thought it might be fun to have something more than just my training log to look back on for future marathons so I can see all the things I did wrong. So, last week went something like this:

Monday: 14 miles with 8 miles progression. I didn’t progress perfectly, but the effort was there with splits going from 8:30 down to holding under 6:45 for the final three miles.

Tuesday: 8 miles easy

Wednesday: Let me tell you how embarrassing it is to start my marathon training series with a big fat FAIL. The track workout was to be 2×3200 and then an all-out mile at the end. I made it through the first 3200 in 12:56 (6:28 pace), did a mile in a complete jog of 6:50 and then…I quit. I quit! Who even am I? Well, in the moment, I was a VERY exhausted person who’d been building up mileage without having stepped back on the quality work. I am still frustrated with myself for not finishing the workout (and my coach was none-too-pleased either), but the reality is that I needed to fail so I would remember that trying to maintain 5k training intensity during marathon training is a recipe for disaster. It still stings the ego, though. 5 miles

Thursday: 10 miles easy

Friday: 8 miles fartlek. Kept it loosely formatted, because I take the “play” part of “speed-play” very seriously.

Saturday: 8 miles easy

Sunday: 17 miles at about 8:30 pace. Getting in that time on my feet, ya know.

Total: 70 miles.

In the 12 weeks since the Cleveland Marathon, I’ve averaged just over 50 miles a week with easily the fastest, most consistently strong workouts I’ve ever done which netted me a bunch of new short-distance PRs. But, it’s time to shift gears and get ready to roll come October 31st. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Spinx Marathon Training 8/3-8/9

  1. What a great week, even with your so-called track workout fail! You are so speedy! That’s still an awesome workout. You “jogged” at a 6:50 pace for recovery?!?!? You are so badass!! I’m so excited to see 70 as your mileage total, too. I’ve been building SLOWLY towards that this summer. That’s when I ran my fastest – when I was logging 70+ mile weeks two years ago. But after a year of injuries and training with a coach that kept me in the 40-50 mile range, I couldn’t just do it. I should hit 63 next week, and *maybe* 68 next week. Then a recovery week, then the big 70. How do your legs feel when running that many miles each week? Do you ever go over 70?

    • Haha, no way was 6:50 my recovery! It was the first mile of the next supposed 2mile repeat but it was so slow that I quit! I’ve always been fairly comfortable with higher mileage, and I’m VERY lucky to not be injury prone. I’ve had the occasional mile week in the 80s here and there over the last few years, but it’s not sustainable for multiple weeks and I end up taking too many low weeks after to recover that I don’t think I get anything from it. I’ll hit 70 again this week and then take next week down to 55-60. Also, I start school next week, so I know my ability to recover will be lower since I’ll be on my feet; but as a teacher too, you know all about that! I’m excited to see your mileage get back up there!

      • Yes, I start on the 24th and have my recovery week planned for then! Seemed like great timing!!! I am so impressed with the 3200 at a 6:28 though. Seriously speedy!!!

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