Less than Two Months to go…

…and the last couple of weeks have been rather up and down, running-wise. I had a rough week two weeks back, running WAY less than my planned mileage, and I even ended up skipping Midnight Flight 10k because I just felt so awful. This past week I kinda got myself back on track, knocking out a 16 miler and a 5k in 20:37 (any time I’m under 21, I call it a win even though I was actually 4th).

It’s crunch time now, however. I can’t afford another to essentially lose another week (and I know, it’s a weird world when a 50 mile week is considered awful). I have some terrifying tempo runs and interval workouts coming up which will help solidify my race goal.

I wish I had some amazing words of wisdom about getting back after a setback of some sort, be it physical or mental, as it was in my case, but there really is no trick to it. You just have to keep at it. True, I let myself wallow in my own self-pity for a couple of days but then I forced myself to break the spiraling and go do something, anything resembling a run. And then I felt better and then I ran some more. Then I was almost back on schedule– if a bit guilty and fearful that I’d ruined all the work I put in this year (ridiculous, of course).

That was a bit of the up and down and mental back and forth that I go through during training. It’s probably common to have doubts and freak outs about setbacks, but I have to trust that I’ll get to the starting line with something resembling confidence.

Anyway, besides running life is pretty normal and good. I guess I’m planning a wedding, but I’m not too good at this girly stuff (or at accepting the price gouging of anything wedding related!) so at this point not much is planned.

Oh yeah, registration for Boston was this week and I received this in my email today:

How's that for some training motivation?
How’s that for some training motivation?