Slowing Down to Speed Up

Spinx Marathon Training Week #2

This week was tiring. I knew it would be, as adding more more volume always is. I’m lucky in that I have a pretty flexible schedule, but 80 miles is still a lot of miles any way you cut it. On top of the volume, I ran a few quicker miles at the last Greenville Track Club All-Comers meet (though I reigned it in for the 3200 once I realized how flat and rough I felt after the mile and 800). Mostly, I just enjoyed the company of being on the track with other people since I run by myself all the time.

On Saturday I hopped into the Julie Valentine Center 10k. I obviously knew I was feeling flat from the miles, but I needed at least a bit of quality in my week. I’m one that will forgo anything resembling a workout in favor of slogging through a bunch of miles. That tactic works, to a point. That’s essentially what I did leading up to Spinx last year and I ran a 3:20. Just checking my log…and in the 14 weeks before the race last year, I was on the track exactly once, raced all of three times, and did just a handful of fartlek/tempo runs. To say I was lacking in the quality department before last year’s marathon is a massive understatement. This year I know that to improve my PR, I can’t get lost in the mileage. I have the endurance in my legs; it’s been my highest mileage running year-to-date ever, and if I want to get faster…well, I have to train faster (with all respect to recovery days, the foam roller, and cross-training for injury prevention, of course).

Back to the 10k on Saturday: apparently the course is just a tour of every single hill in close proximity to Cleveland Park. It was one of those routes where you just know that the course designer isn’t a runner. Because ouch. Luckily, in feeling flat, I was already prepared to run by effort and not worry about pace. I ended up as first woman OA, which has added to the Bizarro-World streak of me finishing races well despite not really running very fast. I’m not complaining though; the ego boost is nice!

I don't like race pictures. Mostly because it reminds me that I'm kind of a goofy looking human with terrible running form. (image via Pace Running)
I don’t like race pictures. Mostly because it reminds me that I’m kind of a goofy looking human with terrible running form. (image via Pace Running)

The week wrapped up nicely though, with a solid 18 miler at Conestee on Sunday. I can, at this point anyway, say that I feel confident in my training plan and pleased with how I’m feeling overall.

Twelve weeks remain…


One thought on “Slowing Down to Speed Up

  1. You are not a goofy looking human. You are a beautiful lady human. As for your running form, I don’t know. I wouldn’t know anything about that, but I do know how to spot beautiful lady humans. 😉

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