Spinx Marathon training week 1

I keep a physical pen and paper running log, because my version of a running log also looks a lot like a diary. I write about how I’m feeling, how life is going, what demons I’m currently battling, and other such journal-y type musings. I like it because running, to me, is so much more than just gps data and workout splits. I like being able to look back and recall exactly what I was going through weeks or months ago, and how it affected my running. I find the patterns and try to recreate the positive ones.

That said, I have big goals for the next few months, and I want a public place to talk about them without spamming my poor social media friends. By actually using my blog, I will have an internet dumping ground for my mundane running stuff, but only the people that want to read about it all will have the option of clicking through.

So, today marks the end of my first of 14 weeks of training for Spinx Marathon.

I think it went well:
75 miles
8-ish beers
4 midday naps
2 lifting sessions
1 track workout (all negative splits, too!)
1 5k race (run at 10k goal pace in a controlled effort)
And 1 very hot 16 mile long run

I hope to write more specifically about marathon goals and such, but for now I will leave it at that. On to week 2…